Guy Haircuts: Unveiling the Best Styles for Men with Round Faces

Are you looking for the perfect guy haircut to complement your round face? Finding the right hairstyle can make a significant difference in your appearance and personality 1. This guide covers the top trending round face haircuts for men in 2024, from low fades and barbershop cuts to layered styles that add height 1 6.

You’ll learn how to identify your face shape and choose a flattering hairstyle that enhances your features 1. Whether you want a short, cropped cut or a longer style with volume, we’ve got you covered with the best mens haircuts and hair cuts for men with round faces 4 5 6.

Short Haircuts for Round Faces

For guys with round faces, short haircuts can be incredibly flattering and stylish. Here are some top options to consider:

  • High and Tight Fade: This sleek and modern style features short hair on top with faded or shaved sides, creating a sharp, masculine look that complements round faces 1.

  • Crew Cut: The classic crew cut is a clean-cut, no-fuss style that defines and accentuates facial features, making it an excellent choice for round face shapes 1.

  • Textured Crop: By adding structure and a sleek, slimming effect, a textured crop top can help elongate and balance out a round face shape 1.

  • Spiky Undercut: This edgy style creates height on top while keeping the sides short, resulting in an elongated appearance that flatters round facial features 1.

  • Classic Quiff: The timeless quiff adds height and volume on top, creating the illusion of a longer, more oval-shaped face 1. Perfect for those seeking a dapper, sophisticated look.

  • Messy Quiff: For a trendier take on the quiff, opt for a textured, messy finish that adds dimension and flatters round faces 1.

  • Low Fade: A versatile and sleek style, the low fade features short hair on top with gradually faded sides, balancing and complementing round features effortlessly 1.

  • Textured Buzz Cut: This sleek, contemporary buzz cut with added texture provides a slimming effect, making it an excellent choice for those with round faces 1.

Remember, the key is to create height and volume on top while keeping the sides short and tight. This will help elongate and slim down the appearance of a round face shape, resulting in a flattering and stylish look 1.

Hairstyles for Adding Height and Volume

For guys with round faces seeking to add height and volume, several stylish hairstyles can create a flattering, elongated appearance:

  • Shoulder Length Waves: This soft, flowing style adds sophistication while gently framing and softening round facial features 1.

  • Shaggy Layers: Trendy and flattering, shaggy layers provide a slimming effect that complements round faces 1. The layered texture creates movement and dimension.

  • Curly Fade: Combine curly or wavy hair on top with a tapered fade on the sides for a stylish, complementary look 1. The faded sides slim the face, while curls add height.

  • Textured Curls: Embrace your natural curls or waves by styling them with texture and volume on top 1. This dimensional style flatters round face shapes.

  • Spiky Undercut: Create dramatic height on top with a spiky undercut that elongates round facial features 1. The short sides provide a slimming effect.

Style Description
Classic Quiff A timeless, voluminous style that brushes hair upwards and elongates the face 1.
Messy Quiff A trendier take with textured volume that flatters round faces 1.
Modern Pompadour This sleek, classy style adds height and creates an elongated illusion 1.
Short Pompadour A sophisticated, clean-cut pompadour that complements round face shapes 1.

While adding height and volume is key, it’s also important to avoid certain styles that can accentuate roundness 2. Steer clear of center parts, long hair towards the temples, and buzz cuts, as these can add width to the face 2. Instead, opt for shorter sides and longer, voluminous hair on top to create dimension 2 3.

Faded and Tapered Cuts

For men with round faces seeking a sleek, modern look, faded and tapered cuts are excellent options to consider 4 1. These styles create a slimming effect by keeping the sides short and tight, while allowing for more length and volume on top 1.

  • Low Fade: This versatile style features short hair on top that gradually fades into shorter hair on the sides and back 1. The low fade balances and complements round features effortlessly, creating an elongated appearance 1.

  • High Fade: For a clean, sharp look, the high fade takes the faded sides even shorter, emphasizing facial features and providing a slimming effect 1.

Style Description
Skin Fade Buzz Cut A sharp, clean style with faded sides that complement round faces 1.
Curly Fade Combines curly or wavy hair on top with tapered faded sides for a stylish, flattering look 1.
Undercut Fade A bold style with longer hair on top and faded or shaved sides, creating height and elongating the face 4.

While fades and tapered cuts are generally recommended for round faces, it’s important to avoid undercuts that are too severe or high, as they can accentuate the roundness 2. Instead, opt for gradual fades that blend seamlessly with the longer hair on top 2 4.

Asymmetric and Layered Styles

Asymmetric and layered hairstyles are a trendy choice for men with round faces, offering a fresh take on classic styles. The website ‘’ with its 14k followers highlights 30 asymmetrical hairstyles, showcasing the growing popularity of adding edges and asymmetry to men’s cuts 5.

These styles create an elongated, slimming effect by adding dimension and angles to the face:

  • Side-Swept Hairstyle: Borrowing elements from side parts and angular fringes, this flexible, low-maintenance style uses asymmetry to flatter round facial features 6.

  • Asymmetrical Side Part: Parting the hair an inch or two off-center helps de-emphasize roundness, creating a stylish, dimensional look 7. Pair it with a beard for added definition.

  • Choppy TopThis loose, messy style looks stylish on round faces, adding texture and movement around the face 7.

Style Description
Slicked Undercut A modern, sharp look combining a low fade with a slicked-back top 7.
Undercut with Curly Crop Wet, curly hair on top offsets the roundness of the face 7.
Wavy Hairstyle Adds flattering texture and dimension around the face 7.
Short Spikes Accentuates facial features with spiked hair and trimmed sides 7.
Side-Swept A flexible, elongating look with long, side-swept hair 7.

When opting for asymmetric or layered styles, avoid center parts, long hair towards the temples, and buzz cuts, as these can add unwanted width to the face 2. Incorporating a beard can also provide contrast and definition to round facial features 2.


What are the best haircuts for men with round faces? 

The ideal haircut for men with round faces is a pompadour combined with an undercut. This style lengthens the appearance of the crown, adding height and enhancing confidence by minimizing the fullness of the face. To achieve this polished look, seek out an experienced barber for a professional Pompadour haircut.

Which hairstyle is most flattering for a round face?

 Stylists recommend six hairstyles that are particularly flattering for round faces:

  1. Blunt Cut: Offers a clean, straight finish with hair cut at a uniform length.
  2. Bangs: Can add structure and style to the face.
  3. Shaggy Medium Length: Provides a relaxed, textured appearance.
  4. Deep Side Part: Creates an asymmetrical look that can elongate the face.
  5. Face-Framing Layers: Draws attention to facial features rather than the shape of the face.
  6. Pixie Cut: A short, chic style that highlights the face without emphasizing roundness.

Is long hair suitable for men with round faces? Long hair paired with a beard is a great look for men with any face shape, including those with round faces. While long hair alone might not be the best choice for men with softer jawlines, the addition of a beard can balance out facial roundness and complement longer hairstyles.

What haircut should men with round faces and receding hairlines consider? For men with round faces and receding hairlines, a haircut that features a stylish undercut with the sides shaved down can help camouflage the hairline. Keeping the hair longer on top to create a thick, tousled crop can serve as an effective distraction, especially if there is good hair coverage on the crown and mid-scalp areas.


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